HyperGrid Website Check

This site is tested every day with HyperGrid Website Check. This service performs an extensive range of tests seeking for major known vulnerabilities on Client's web site. HyperGrid Website Check is frequently updated to ensure up to date vulnerability tests against the latest security threats.

By applying HyperGrid Website Check seal on your home page, you tell web surfers that they are entering a threat-free site, and you also demonstrate your care about securing and protecting your data and services.

This trusted site seal is only presented after this website has positively passed the HyperGrid Website Check test.

Denominazione azienda:
HyperGrid srl
Indirizzo: viale Golgi 63/a
27100 Pavia
PV - Italia


The information provided using HyperGrid Website Check only shows the site has passed HyperGrid Website Check scan. Only the website is scanned and not the server where the website is hosted. This is not a PCI (Payment Card Industry) scanning service and is not indication of a company's security practices. HyperGrid Website Check does not guarantee that the site is immune to hackers or that any data stored on the site is safe. HyperGrid srl is in no way responsible for the security or use of any of the information stored on a scanned site.